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Coast Guard authorizes Ft. Lauderdale New River waterway to close for 12 days in February


Click for Jan. 12, 2017 update.

By Dorie Cox

The U.S. Coast Guard has authorized the closure of the New River to navigation west of downtown Ft. Lauderdale from Feb. 11 to 23 during maintenance of the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) railroad bridge.

“The deviation to the bridge operating schedule is necessary to perform major bridge repairs,” USCG spokesman Jonathan Lally said today. “And this deviation allows the bridge to remain in closed-to-navigation position.”

The maintenance is part of All Aboard Florida, a high-speed passenger rail service to run between Miami and Orlando, using the Brightline train service.

“This temporary closure is necessary to avoid longer closures in the future,” Lally said. “We’re working closely with the construction company and local mariners to minimize impact to local waterway users.”

Current work on the bridge includes replacement of the machinery and electrical system and minor rehabilitation of the steel. And work during the navigation closure includes milling the two outer trunnions in place and removal of the trunnion base for repair off-site. The trunnion milling work will be performed 24 hours per day until completed, according to a statement from All Aboard Florida.

The river is closed to navigation from 12:01 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 11 through 12:01 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 23.

For more information contact:

All Aboard Florida and Ali Soule, public affairs manager, +1 305-520-2105.

USCG 7th Coast Guard District Public Affairs, 305-415-6683

USCG Local Notice to Mariners

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8 thoughts on “Coast Guard authorizes Ft. Lauderdale New River waterway to close for 12 days in February

  1. Biggie1375

    One more negative way that all aboard florida is having a negative impact on the communities it goes through

  2. Daniel Doyle

    This looks like a coming FUBAR. One little screw up “repairing the Trunnion base” off site and this becomes 60 days closed while they build a new one. FEC should be required to do this in a more timely manner by having a New Trunnion Base built and on site for a faster swap out, should be able to cut the time down to 7 days. This is prime season for the boat yards, a major loss of revenue, multi millions lost. This should be done in June after the yachts have gone north. There are no Hurricanes in June, so no problem with river access.

    Besides why should the marine industry bear all the pain of closure for 12 days. At lease 6 of those days the span should be lifted onto a train car and the river should be left open to navigation while FEC has the line down for 6 days; only fair!!!, right.

    What about the Jungle Queen, 12 days of not being able to get to there base on New River right at prime tourist season. The closure needs to be reduced to 6 days – just my opinion. – Captain Dan –

  3. Patrick Leclerc

    wow, and they said All Aboard Florida would not affect the marine industry negatively? Well the trains are not even running yet and it has, so nice going to our great Governor. All of this for something that’s not even needed and that will more then likely not be used much.

    The only time they could have chosen to do this that would be worse would have been during FLIBS, but it’s still going to affect many vessels, yards, and small businesses like ours, so thanks USCG for approving this and not supporting our industry.

  4. Chris Boland

    This will have a very big impact on the river traffic and not only for the closure for the upcoming repair. As a captain having our “home” dockage up the river behind a private residence, I foresee lots of delays coming and going. It will effect normal boat traffic, the towing companies, shipyards, etc. As a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale, I can only imagine the impact on traffic with the amounts of additional times trains will be using that route.

  5. Dean West

    What is the vertical clearance, in the down position? Will ANY vessels be able to transit under it? From what I understand from captains and friends in Ft. Lauderdale, this project isn’t too welcome, to say the least. I’ll have a client’s boat stuck up river it seems, unless I get her out of there and find another slip to pay for, in addition to the one we need to vacate in order to be able to use the boat!

  6. Triton Editor

    Mr. West,
    While these repairs are occurring, the bridge will remain in the down position, and the span will be unable to lift, according to All Aboard Florida reports.

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