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Jan 1, 2017 by Lucy Chabot Reed

Yacht-Mate Products will host Triton Networking on Feb. 1 in Ft. Lauderdale. Captains, crew and industry professionals are invited to tour the showroom of the water and air treatment company, enjoy a snack and beverage, and catch up with friends on the first Wednesday of February.
Until then, learn more about Yacht-Mate Products from owner Sandy Hoekstra Handrahan.

Q. So tell us about your company.
Yacht-Mate Products is in its 18th year of business providing state-of-the-art water and air treatment equipment. We have a showroom and warehouse offering everything from simple water filters to small package sewage treatment plants. We sell, service and install all products we offer.
Our main line is our water softening system, which is an easy and economical way of processing dock water. We can outfit any size vessel and can install single- or twin-tank systems and semi- or fully automatic systems in both portable or installed systems.
Our total water quality program includes treating water from dockside sources to prevent hard water issues. We do that with our softeners or freshwater reverse osmosis systems with dockside and installed systems. These systems are membrane-based so they remove all total dissolved solids to less than 10 parts per million. We recommend UV sterilizers or silver ion systems and drinking water systems for cooking and ice. This reduces bottled water storage, cost and waste onboard.

Q. Other than water softeners, what other kinds of products do you have?
We offer a variety of systems, including a line of hydroxyl generators for odor control in bilge and vent lines, portable units for living areas, and air conditioning units with ion generators to eliminate mold and bacteria.
We carry the Gelair line of products and now have a new line called Better Air, a probiotic line that is for use in the air and on surfaces that provides an ecological balance in the vessel. It feeds off the bad bacteria and multiplies the good bacteria to keep odors, germs and bacteria at bay.
The Ecomar small packaged sewage treatment plants are economical and user friendly with a small footprint. They are approved by Lloyd’s register in compliance with IMO/Marpol MEPC.227 (64) and now have U.S. Coast Guard approval.
We have the Icesea fresh and saltwater flaked ice systems starting at 800 to 2400 pounds per day, which is competitive with Eskimo, and we added a new line of products by Aura Pure Essential oils to put in the fresh make-up air system that can be customized for each boat.

Q. Who uses your products?
Anyone who has a boat and needs clean, safe water. Christensen and Ocean Alexander yachts install our Ecomar compact sewage plants on their new builds, and Westport installs our automatic water softeners, just to name a few.

Q. So you only work with yachts?
Not exactly. Many of our customers are yacht builders, owners and captains, and our products are in Boat Owners Warehouse and DS Hull. But we also service homes and restaurants with a 3M food service line.

Q. There are lots of products on the market for handling that boat smell, which makes a lot of us skeptical that anything works. What have you found works best?
All the air products we offer do something a little different because the air issues on the boats are are all very different too similar but needs different approaches.

Q. How do you discover new products?
It is good to say that most of my new companies have searched us out and offered us the opportunity to run and grow their products so we are very excited this New Year to kick off new programs to better serve our clients.

Q. Tell us about your staff.
Debbie DeBrocq runs the office and is the smiling face behind the desk. We also added Jay Campbell to our staff. He has 15 years experience in the water filtration field in the commercial and residential markets. He will handle new sales with yacht charters, brokerage and builders.

Q. Do you have a background in yachting?
No, I never worked on a boat. I started in the water business in 1991 when I worked for a small local company selling water systems to restaurants and hotels. Then I went to work for Cuno as a regional sales manager opening and maintaining distributors of the water factory line of reverse osmosis and filtration systems for the southeast United States.
In 1998, I got involved with a small water company in the marine business and decided to go on my own in 1999. I created and opened Yacht-Mate Products in a niche market for water softeners, which are unlike the PVC-type systems that were being offered.

Q. I understand you have a couple touches of home in your office.
Yes. When you stop by our office, you will be greeted by my labrador Lucy and our new addition, Harper, a rescue. And we serve great cold water by the glass.

For more information on Yacht-Mate Products, contact, +1 954 527-0112 and visit The Feb. 18 networking event will be at the store at 3200 S. Andrews Ave., Suite 105, in Ft. Lauderdale (33316).


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