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David Walters retires


In December, after celebrating 50 years in the yachting industry, David Walters has stepped aside and will now serve as a consultant to the new owners of David Walters Yachts. Walters and his wife, Betsy, have finished their full-time careers in boat building and brokerage.

Walters’ career includes a successful brokerage for Allied Boat Company; Sound Yachts Marina in New Rochelle, N.Y.; a co-founder of Shannon Boat Company alongside Walter Schulz, designing and selling Cambria Yachts; and 26 years in brokerage in Ft. Lauderdale.

Both Cambria and Shannon yachts were featured in The World’s Best Sailboats.

The new owners of David Walters Yachts are President Josh McLean and Vice President Amanda Noon. Brokers now include George Eberhard, Lori Goldstein and John Osetek.

“Having grown personally and professionally from the mentorship of David Walters, I am looking forward to continuing our company’s long history of success and unwavering dedication to our loyal clients,” McLean said. “Following in the footsteps of a man like Dave Walters is not an easy task. … I am equally humbled and proud to have the opportunity to lead the company that Dave spent a lifetime building, and I hope to spend my career continuing this legacy he has placed so trustingly in my hands. While Dave is no longer at the helm, his example and principles will always guide this ship.”

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