YMB17: Chinese-built M/Y Serenity debuts

Feb 18, 2017 by Dorie Cox

By Dorie Cox

Seven yacht crew, as well as dayworkers, the lead charter broker and visitors took tours on Friday at Yachts Miami Beach for the debut of M/Y Serenity, a 133-foot vessel built by IAG Yachts.

The yacht arrived in Ft. Lauderdale on Oct. 1, said Doug Hoogs, new construction specialist with Atlantic Yacht and Ship in Dania Beach.

“But we missed the Ft. Lauderdale show,” Hoogs said. “That happens a lot with boat builders; we’ve just been waiting for the Miami show.”

Capt. Scott Kidd joined the program in May and went to China with Eng. Jake Cook for final touches on the yacht. The two readied the yacht for delivery to Florida by ship.

The crew of M/Y Serenity

“Jake rode the ship back with the yacht,” Hoog said. “It was a big responsibility he had to keep the A/C cooling the yacht on deck and to wash constantly. It was a challenge to clear the rust and grease from the transport ship.”

The crew has terrific accommodations, Hoogs said. The quarters are to LY3 standard even though the yacht adheres to LY2.

The owner modified a 127-foot IAG to meet U.S. specifications and his preferences. Some of the noticeable features include an elevator, a wading pool on the top deck, and the adjustable aft deck that can move from submerged to a dive platform, said Tim Kings, the director and project manager.

The debut also pulls together technology with tradition. An example is the classic reverse shear windshield.

“It’s a tradition that goes back 120 years in boats, but a concept that was lost in yachting,” Hoogs said. “It reduces shear, stops glare and keeps the bridge cool. It’s becoming in vogue again.”


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