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ISS absorbs Yacht Captains Association members


The International Superyacht Society has assimilated the members of the Yacht Captains Association. All current YCA members are now ISS members with full membership privileges.

YCA was founded in 2014 to serve the needs of captains through educational events, networking opportunities and collaborative partnerships.

“ISS’s financial stability, diverse membership, industry partnerships and dedication to the future of yachting and yachting professionals provides the ideal infrastructure for building a captains community second to none,” said founding YCA board member Capt. Michael Schueler of M/Y Rasselas.

ISS partner Wright Maritime Group will work with the new members to develop a strategy to fulfill their needs within the larger organizational structure. Capt. Schueler said plans are under way to create autonomy for captains within the ISS committee structure.

“I plan to remain an active participant in the transition, help in the formation of the ISS captains committee, and work with ISS’s executive committee and board of directors as YCA captains build a new home within ISS that honors our original vision and mission,” Capt. Schueler said.

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