Emergency light lasts 18 hours in harsh weather

May 28, 2017 by Triton Staff

Industrial lighting company Larson Electronics has added a new marine-rated outdoor emergency LED light to its catalog of products. The light (GAU-EMG-18H-1L-LED) is designed to withstand the challenges and rigors of wet environments and harsh conditions, including extreme temperature changes.

Features include an impact- and shock-resistant, no-glass T8 LED lamp with a 35aH battery for up to 18 hours of support when an electrical source is not readily available. Operators may hard wire to this LED light via a 3/4-inch NPT hub. The enclosure is NEMA 3 rated for weatherproof protection and comes with a security lock and key. With a tough polycarbonate lens, this compact IP66-rated LED light can withstand high-pressure jets in wash-down areas, such as those found in food preparation and sanitation operations.

“With most emergency lights, runtime only lasts about 90 minutes without an available power source,” Larson Electronics CEO Rob Bresnahan said.”Our marine-rated outdoor emergency LED lights provide operators 18 hours of runtime in the event of an emergency, making it perfect for use on barges and other marine vessels.”