Marina Mile Yachting Center installs new lift

Sep 1, 2017 by Triton Staff

Marina Mile Yachting Center of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently upgraded its operation with a 75-ton Marine Travelift. The new 75 BFMII mobile boat hoist replaces a 34-year-old 70-ton lift.

“The new machine was up and the older machine was down within a four-day time period with virtually no disruption to our operation,” David Hole, general manager at Marina Mile Yachting Center, stated in a press release. “The 70 BFM was a trusted work horse, which allowed us to operate at peak performance for years and years. Marine Travelift equipment has been so good to us for so many years, we wanted to upgrade our hoist with the newest technology and stay with the same trusted name and proven value.”

The new 75 BFMII allows for year-round haul out potential, along with technological advances such as remote diagnostics and intelligent operating system.

“Our lift crew loves the remote control,” Hole said. “It provides the ability to walk around the load and see vessels clearly. The new 75 BFMII has increased our marina’s overall safety by allowing us to have a broad view of each pick, without the need to rely on operator hand signals.”

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