Transport company organizes to move damaged yachts

Sep 14, 2017 by Dorie Cox

By Dorie Cox

In an effort to help the victims of Hurricane Irma, a Fort Lauderdale-based yacht transport company is working with an international yacht consultant to transport damaged yachts to shipyards for repair.

United Yacht Transport’s vice president/partner Vadim Yegudkin and Juan Morillo of United Yacht Sales are taking calls to organize international pickups and deliveries to relocate yachts from areas battered by the storm to locations where repairs can be done efficiently and cost effectively.

“We prefer to work with our local shipyards in Florida, but many are already overwhelmed with work so we are also partnering with shipyards in Italy and Turkey to provide a unique opportunity,” Yegudkin said. “Yachts can be transported to the prefered location where world-class marine repair service will be provided in an all-inclusive round trip package deal back to the yacht’s origin.”

Yachts transported to Europe may also chose to stay for the summer yachting season, he said.

“Our main objective is to help yacht owners get back on the water and put these storms in the past,” Yegudkin said. “This will be a special sailing that is off-season but directly for victims of Irma and UYT will be offering discounted rates to get the yacht up and running and back on the water.”

For more details, contact:

Yegudkin at United Yacht Transport at +1 954-394-4640 or, or Morillo at United Yacht Sales at +1 305-917-3758 or

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