FarSounder sonar on expedition cruise line

Oct 28, 2017 by Triton Staff

The Germany-based luxury cruise operator Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is including FarSounder-1000s on its two new expedition class of ships. FarSounder has been contracted to provide its longest range 3D Forward Looking Sonar – FarSounder-1000 – to these ships to provide real-time data on what is ahead of the ships as they explore, ensuring heightened security when traveling into unknown waters.

The sibling ships – Hanseatic Inspiration and Hanseatic Nature – are set to sail the Arctic in the European summer and taking expeditions into the Antarctic in the European winter. In addition, both ships will spend time exploring some more unconventional destinations including the Amazon, the Chilean fjords, the Azores and Cape Verde.

FarSounder is a Rhode Island-based high technology marine electronics manufacturer specializing in underwater acoustics. Product lines include its Ship Protection System, which followed years of U.S. government-funded research. The 2015 Tibbetts Award-winning FarSounder Ship Protection System provides detection, classification, and alarms of underwater threats. Portside-, platform-  and shore-based systems are also available for waterfront security.

For more information, visit www.farsounder.com.