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GPLink monitors engine operations


GPLink is a 24/7 diagnostic tool for captains and boat owners to manage fuel usage, engine issues and trip costs while underway, and to protect the boat and its contents, including perishables, while at the dock.

The monitoring system can be retrofitted to most existing engines, both electronic and mechanical, via analog NMEA converters, according to the company. Dozens of engine operating parameters can then be remotely monitored in near real-time and logged over a specific date range. Remote start/stop capability for power generation units is also available.

Reliable and secure worldwide coverage is provided through utilization of dual band technology with GSM communications, as well as the Iridium satellite system for location tracking, monitoring, and emergency notification, according to the company.

An interface with the cloud-based marine maintenance system WheelHouse means that reports can be downloaded into WheelHouse Underway, a tablet application available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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