FLIBS17: Test your mates

Nov 4, 2017 by Triton Staff

Try these questions to test your mates’ nautical knowledge.


  1. A seaman’s name for a reef knot tied upside down is called : square knot, slip knot or rogue knot?
  2. What is a WIG vessel?
  3. How deep is a fathom?
  4. On a chart, the abbreviation “Hr.” stands for what?
  5. One degree of latitude equals how many nautical miles?



Scroll down for the answers….




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  1. Rogue knot
  2. Wing in Ground craft, a vessel capable of operating completely above the surface of the water on a dynamic air cushion created by aerodynamic lift.
  3. About 6 feet.
  4. Harbor
  5. 60