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New radars help detect ice, oil


Furuno, a marine electronics company based in Camas, Washington, now offers two specialty add-on components for its Furuno X7 Radar series: the FICE100 Ice Detecting Radar kit and the FOIL200 Oil Detection Radar kit.

The FICE100 assists in treacherous arctic waterways, allowing navigators to visualize ice structures and determine the optimum route for the ship to go through the ice, according to the company. Furuno said the ice radar shows the best track, even in poor visibility, and can detect the structure of ice out to a 3nm radius. Operators can find old rifts, clean ice, and channels previously made by icebreakers and other vessels.

In a similar way, the FOIL200 uses raw radar video from the X7 processor to detect oil spills on the surface of the water, Furuno said. The high-performance algorithm of the FOIL200 detects oil automatically, and the resulting oil spill image is created with an integration of up to 100 radar antenna scans, according to the company.

Both the FICE100 and FOIL200 components allow for the capture of screenshots, and the recording of raw radar video to an external hard disc or memory drive for evaluation or training purposes.

FICE100 and FOIL200 components are compatible with Furuno’s X7 and FAR15x8 Series Radar, as well as their FAR32x0 Series Chart Radar. For more information, visit

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