Navpilot 300 offers ‘point and shoot’ steering

Mar 3, 2018 by Triton Staff

Furuno’s Navpilot series of marine autopilots uses “self-learning” algorithms to gather data and adapt to a boat’s handling, resulting in quicker and more precise functioning. The new Navpilot 300 takes this technology a step further, according to a company statement, with a “gesture controller” that allows a vessel’s steering to be controlled from any point on board within 32 feet of the helm by simply pointing the device and releasing a button, automatically redirecting the boat to the desired heading.

Additionally, the device’s FishHunter function locks the boat into a zigzag, orbit, figure 8 or spiral maneuver around a specified target at a set distance, which is also useful in man-overboard situations, according to the company.

Furuno states that its proprietary Fantum Feedback steering and self-learning software means a physical rudder feedback unit his not required for outboard installations of the NavPilot. The system is designed for planing and semi-displacement outboard vessels 24 feet and larger, with one to four outboard engines, and offers precise course control from trolling speeds to over 60 knots, according to the company.

Furuno is a Japanese manufacturer of marine navigation and communications equipment. For more information, visit