New 4G SIM offers low-cost, unlimited data

Mar 8, 2018 by Triton Staff

Palma-based E3 Systems, a global megayacht communications provider, now offers a 4G data SIM with unlimited usage in more than 40 countries across Europe and in the French Caribbean.

The Big Data Europe SIM has a tiered rate scale, which means the more a customer uses, the lower the rate per gigabyte. Rates begin at 2.5 euros per gigabyte, according to the company.

Other benefits include unlimited usage with a single SIM, no minimum requirements, free suspension and automatic blocking outside of covered territories. Usage can be tracked online.

“It’s a unique product in that it doesn’t tie the user down with monthly commitments and they simply pay for what they use,” said Ana Espallardo, E3 airtime and contract services manager. “This SIM removes the need to plan ahead and we believe it will also take away a lot of the issues associated with using data at sea and when in port.”

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