New life preserver size of soda can

Apr 4, 2018 by Triton Staff

Life-preserver manufacturer OneUp, based in the Canary Islands, has introduced a portable new flotation device 20 times smaller than standard life preservers. The OneUp is a lightweight tube shaped like a soda can that self-inflates to a one-size-fits-all life preserver upon contact with water, according to the company.

The device’s ability to automatically inflate relies on a small salt pod and CO2 inflation sensor, the company states. Upon contact with water, the salt pod dissolves, releasing a spring that activates the rapid release of CO2, causing inflation. The entire process from activation to full life-preserver inflation takes 2 seconds, and the device is reusable with a 60-second reset time. A single OneUp preserver can hold up to 330 pounds of weight, according to the company.

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