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Roll dampening system for fast-planing yachts in development


Dutch marine systems company DMS Holland, in partnership with Brabant Engineering, is developing a roll dampening system for fast-planing yachts up to 98 feet (30m), according to a company statement.

DMS Holland is the maker of MagnusMaster, an electric roll dampening system on the market for yachts in the same size range. The new system will use the same dual-axis fin stabilizer – namely, high-aspect fins that rotate while sailing and flap while at anchor. The difference will be stabilization at high speed, making it a 3-in-1 stabilizer, according to the company.

“Since there is currently no single system that performs optimally at both high speeds and at low speeds, as well as at anchor, often multiple roll damping systems have to be installed on one yacht just to ensure that it remains comfortable on board under all of the various different circumstances,” stated DMS Holland co-owner Patrick Noor. “Soon, with our new system, one roll damping system on board will be enough without having to compromise on stability at different speeds.”

The system is expected to be on display for the first time in November, during METS 2018, after which the first deliveries to vessels will take place in 2019, according to the company.

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