Willy T told to relocate from BVI bay

May 17, 2018 by Triton Staff

The owner of the iconic Willy T, a floating restaurant and bar in the British Virgin Islands that was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017 and replaced with a new vessel, has been told that he needs to find another place to anchor the popular attraction, according to Virgin Islands News Online.

Ewan Anderson, owner of the Willy T, told the local news site that on May 10 he met with government officials, who told him he has to find a new location for the vessel because a large development on the island does not want Willy T in the bay.  The bar has been a fixture southwest of The Bight at Norman Island for decades.

“I spent a half a million dollars and they are kicking us out of a location that we have been [in] for 35 years and it’s all to do with money,” Anderson is quoted as saying. “They … basically said that we want you to move to another location, just like that.”

The new boat arrived May 10 and is slightly larger than the original Willy T. With a seabed lease at the usual spot, it had been ready to open when told to leave, Virgin Islands News Online reported.

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