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Spring in the Great Lakes


Entering the freshwater waterways of the Great Lakes brings many memorable sights, including hoards of mayflies in spring. Part of the dragonfly family, these ancient aquatic bugs are harmless and wash off with a hose, but they can be a nuisance.

Capt. Matthew Kraskiewicz of the 85-foot Pacific Mariner M/Y Now or Never says he took a leaf blower to his hangers-on after an overnight stay in Leamington, Canada, on Lake Erie’s north shore en route to Michigan for the summer. Females lay between 400 and 3,000 eggs, which explains the enormous numbers each spring.

The good news is that existence of this critter’s immature stages indicates a clean, unpolluted environment, according to Wikipedia. And they make good freshwater fishing bait.

Capt. Tedd Greenwald traveled these waters with M/Y Go Fourth for many years and shared this photo from 2009: “Now this is what a bad mayfly morning looks like.”

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