Renovation plans for Pier 66, The Sails take a step forward

Jul 11, 2018 by Lucy Chabot Reed

By a vote of 4-1, Fort Lauderdale city commissioners last night approved a development agreement with Tavistock Development Company, owners of Pier 66 and The Sails, to legally combine the properties so they could be developed as one.

The combined properties are 32 acres, with 25 of them being upland. They are divided by the 17th Street Causeway bridge but there is access beneath the bridge along the ICW, which Tavistock plans to turn into a marina promenade.

While there are no official site plans for the redevelopment yet, Tavistock staff have indicated the company intends to renovate the iconic Pier 66 tower and likely add residential units as well as commercial options. Few changes are expected to the marina portions of both sites.

Under the development agreement, phase one would include renovating the tower and constructing the marina promenade. Tavistock plans to rebrand The Sails property and marina as Pier South.  

Residents of the barrier island’s neighboring communities have objected to residential units on the property because of impact on traffic on 17th Street. Any plans will still have to be approved by the city.


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