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Intellian makes ‘future-proof’ VSAT antenna


Intellian, a Korean maker of satellite communication antenna systems with offices worldwide, has launched an 85cm, Ku-to-Ka band, convertible maritime VSAT antenna, called the Intellian v85NX, that the company says is the first to be developed based on the NX platform.

Intellian promotes the v85NX as a future-proof system that supports GEO constellations and ensures compatibility with future networks, such as LEO and MEO. It is designed to be easily convertible from Ku to Ka band by simply changing the RF assembly and feed, while still using the dual-band optimized reflector and radome.

According to the company, it is the first antenna capable of supporting full 2.5GHz wide Ka-band networks. The advantage of this is that users could avoid having to buy a new system to use new services in the future.

The new 85cm antenna uses an RF design that increases gain compared with existing 80cm class systems operating on Ku band, according to the company. This increase in gain enables the antenna to operate on 1m networks, giving smaller vessels access to those networks.

It also has several different BUC power options available, up to 25W, that give it a wider operational range than other sub-1m-class antennas.

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