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Yacht crew on MY Tranquility expect anything but calm during Hurricane Florence


Sept. 15

Mate Holden Ivey and Stew Jenny Jocham on M/Y Tranquility weathered Hurricane Florence and made an initial report in to The Triton.

“Friday night was brutal with the wind bashing us with 80+ for hours. Lost two sailboats in front of us due to collision then sinking,” Ivey wrote by email.

Sept. 9

By Dorie Cox

Mate Holden Ivey and Stew Jenny Jocham on M/Y Tranquility have prepared for anything but calm as Hurricane Florence heads toward the region. They have tied down and stowed everything they can and are waiting and watching from Port City Marina in Wilmington, North Carolina, about 20 miles up the Cape Fear River.

This morning, the two turned the 130-foot Hatteras to face the incoming wind and water expected as the Category 4 storm begins to arrive on the North Carolina and South Carolina coasts tomorrow.

“Two years ago, we were in the same place for Hurricane Matthew,” Ivey said by phone. “We saw 120 [mph] on the wind meter. We were next to the floating dock and saw a few stray boats and massive logs.”

The two crew have doubled all lines, tied on every fender that can fit, brought in everything that is loose and zip-tied what is left. The yacht is set for the passerelle to be pulled and the generator started. They have provisioned with food and fuel in anticipation of regional power failures.

To track Hurricane Florence, follow the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Hurricane Center.

Dorie Cox is editor of The Triton. Comments are welcome below.

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