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FLIBS18: Checking the Tide: Do you have health insurance?


Health insurance coverage seems to be a topic of concern for many outside of the marine industry. The Triton Today decided to ask how coverage works inside for crew on large yachts. Answers varied and included crew who are covered by boat policies and others who remain uninsured. Most of our respondents consider health insurance important.

Deck/Stew Elyse Schreiber
“I have insurance from Colorado, where I’m from. It’s only urgent care only, but I decided to keep it. I don’t use it often.  I am just working the show and not permanently on a boat.”

Deck/Stew Endrix Rodriguez
M/Y Amanecer
105’ Azimuth
“I don’t have it, but after a year on the boat we get it. I’ve been with the boat about three months. If you’re hurt on the boat, they will pay.”

Deckhand J.C. Lopez
M/Y Ninkasi
139’ Holland Jachtbouw
“I don’t have health insurance; I’m delivery crew. Without a boat, I don’t have anything. If I want it, I have to go back home to get it.”

Capt. Chris Wade
M/Y Amanecer
105’ Azimuth
“We give insurance after 90 days for full time crew; we’re looking for longevity. It’s a critical part in the U.S. and out. I got sick in Mexico and was in a private hospital. I got worried but in the end the bill was paid.”

Deckhand Carson Reddick
M/Y I Love This Boat
145’ Christensen
“I have none. I did get in an accident last year. I was thinking why didn’t I get private insurance before. I will invest in insurance for myself before I leave the country.”

Capt. Michael Schueler
Helping M/Y Time For Us during show
122’ Delta
“Boats today cover from day one. It’s usually a blanket policy, a crew policy that says it will cover, say 15, crew. It is to protect the crew and the owning company. Crew health insurance from day one is a great idea.”

Deckhand Steven Wild
M/Y Bella
145’ Feadship
“I do have it through the boat. We’re covered from day one. I think if you leave, the boat allows you to stay on and pay for yourself.”

1st Mate Nichiren Rugeles
M/Y Arthur’s Way
118’ Oceanfast
“I’m trying to get travel insurance with my visa. The only way is to go back to my country. It is important. Sometimes an accident can lead to other problems.”

Deckhand Alvaro Batista
M/Y Arthur’s Way
118’ Oceanfast
“There’s no health coverage for dayworkers. Sometimes the owner will pay.”

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