FLIBS18: Checking the Tide: What makes you quit a yacht job?

Nov 1, 2018 by Dorie Cox

Yacht captains and crew work hard to keep their jobs, but everyone has a breaking point. The Triton was on the docks on opening day of Fort Lauderdale International Boat show and asked what pushes a crew to actually quit.

Capt. Jeff Cox
M/Y Club M
96’ Ferretti
Drama from crew, captain, or owner. All of the above. Just be normal, don’t think you’re entitled. Your replacement is on the dock waiting to help you with your luggage.

Deckhand Josh Chisholm
M/Y Lady May
150’ Feadship
A bad program. Especially bad planning on the management side, from the top down. If the program says it will do one thing and does another.

Chief Stew Karla Pollock
M/Y Freedom
95’ Hargrave
Unrealistic expectations of crew. Back-to-back trips with one day in between is physically and mentally taxing and unrealistic.

Capt. Jim Hickey
M/Y Donna Marie
114’ Hargrave
Age. I’ve been in this industry 42 years. I’m 68 and the owner is 92. When this boat sells I’m done with this.

Mate Luke Skipper
M/Y Ocean Club
120’ Sovereign
A bad captain – Mean, demanding, not understanding, or ignorant. That and bad crew and drama. I’ll stay with a captain I can respect.

Capt. Alex Collazo
M/Y Serenita
72’ Offshore
Bad owners are a big turnoff, anything else I can deal with. Safety is also a concern. But that also boils down to the owner.

Chief Eng. Patrick Edward
M/Y Serque
133′ Custom Splendor
Crew relations are No. 1. When we are doing a lot of hours and doing our best but have no time for recuperation. The key is for me to figure how to deal with you better. You have to know who you’re dealing with. I seek to be better tomorrow.

Officer/engineer Rick Black
(Working as mate)
M/Y Serenita
72’ Offshore
Crew politics – drama, undermining each other, divided crew, talking behind each other’s backs. We work as a team, we thrive as a team.

Capt. Spanos Harding
M/Y Julie M
101’ Hargrave
I’ve never quit. Either they sell the boat or the owners get out. I’ve been a captain 31 years. I’ve had crew quit for personality or laziness.


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