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FLIBS18: Checking the Tide: What makes you take a yacht job?


There are many yachts to choose from, but each crew member has a dream job. The Triton Today was on the docks at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on Wednesday and asked what about a yacht makes crew take a job. 

Deckhand Ashley Turner
M/Y Vantage
150′ Palmer Johnson
“How well everyone gets along with the crew, the vibe of others. It doesn’t take long to sense crew dynamics to see if it’s something you want to be a part of.”

1st Officer Rudi Turner
M/Y Cherish II
130′ Christensen
“Money and what is contributed to the program, plus the owner. Also if it is charter or private. For more money I chose charter, but when I need career building, it’s private.”

2nd Stew Lario Mostert
M/Y Cherish II
130′ Christensen
“The type of yacht, charter or private. And the interior, how it looks and how it is organized. I like it neat and tidy, I’m OCD. It’s 100 percent how they treat the boat.”

Capt. Casper Smit
M/Y Montaha
85′ Azimut
“At this stage, I interview the owner. I’m interested in the client, not the boat. After 18 years, I can handle the boat. If you’re not on the same page, it won’t work. And a local itinerary.”

Chief Engr. A.J. Grunschloss
M/Y Glaze
160′ Trinity
“Career growth. If the owner likes to invest in courses for crew. A personal connection with the owner and an owner who wants to keep crew. It’s not just pay.”

2nd Stew Marlen Arias
M/Y Tremenda
127′ Admiral
“A new experience. That and travel and learning more about the industry.”

Bosun Gareth Schoeman
M/Y Rhino
154′ Admiral
“Personal needs, I want to sit in one place. Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach for six months to a year, then to a charter yacht.”

Stew Alexa Forsman
M/Y Lampin’
106’ San Lorenzo
“The itinerary, where it’s going. I like a private yacht, where you get to know the people and what they like.”

1st Mate Ian Lavery
M/Y Lampin’
106’ San Lorenzo
“The crew dynamic. A yacht where you fit in and thrive.”

Deskhand Tom Connell
M/Y Bella Una
127′ Burger
“I’m green, but I know the crew dynamics and the captain are important. A family atmosphere. Not a lot of jobs you work with are real close like this. There is not a lot of getting away.”

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