Triton Networking stops in on Sirocco Marine

Feb 26, 2019 by Lucy Chabot Reed

Inflatable manufacturer, dealer and distributor Sirocco Marine hosts Triton Networking on the first Wednesday in March. Join us on March 6 from 6-8 p.m. as we enjoy his Kiwi hospitality and tour the enormous warehouse.

After about three years in the U.S., Sirocco has grown by leaps and bounds, adding more lines and becoming the world’s second largest dealer of Brig boats.

Never heard of Brig? These RIBs are supplied not only to yachts but to militaries and first responders as well. Join us on March 6 and learn more.

Until then, learn more about Sirocco Marine from owner Boyd Tomkies.

Boyd Tomkies

Q. Tell us about Sirocco Marine. What do you do?

Sirocco Marine retails Brig, Fluid Watercraft and Sirocco rigid hull inflatable boats.

By far our most popular line is Brig, which includes tenders and a good selection of 16-foot and larger RIBs that are used as recreational boats.

Fluid is our proprietary product – a cabin inflatable primarily used by commercial customers but with several recreational applications.

And finally, you may have seen the clever video on Sailing Uma about the boat Coco, which is the story of a boat from our Sirocco line and its winding journey to its new owners.

Q. You are well known for your Brig line. What’s makes them special?

There are a lot of reasons why Brig is special. Brig has become the world’s largest RIB manufacturer, and that’s not because of dumb luck. Brig is a European-designed and -built boat with European quality. It is sold fully loaded at less than the competition. Every five years, each model is re-designed and re-released, just like in the automobile industry. You don’t want to go and buy a new 3 series BMW and find out that it’s the same as your 5-year-old one that you are trying to trade.

Q. You carry a lot of inventory other than Brig. Tell us about that.

Thanks for noticing. Compared to our local or national competition, we have a large facility: 72,000 square feet, 20,000 of which is the showroom. At any time, the location has 100-200 hulls in stock, including dozens of completed models on the showroom floor ready for immediate delivery. This expansive size was purposefully chosen to do something other companies can’t do – have a large quantity of in-stock boats ready for delivery.

Q. How has your business changed in the three years you’ve been in Fort Lauderdale?

Well, people are finally starting to know we are here. Getting on the map hasn’t been easy, and we still are building awareness. But throughout this time, we have been working on a few things:

First, fine-tuning our product to best meet the needs of the South Florida boating community. We carry more larger RIBS than before, including 35-foot tow-behind tenders ready for delivery.

Second, we hired marine industry professional Gina Marrone to increase brand awareness and capture market share through her extensive captain contacts and industry influencers.

Q. Can RIBs really be used as tow-behinds?

Absolutely. Earlier, I referred to our Fluid line, noting it has some recreational applications. These boats make great tow-behinds because they don’t cause damage to a yacht like a hard-sided boat can. They also offer a great ride, which we think is superior to many hard-sided hulls.

Q.  Boat preferences are always changing. Where do you see your products today as compared to the past?

You are so right; the boating marketplace is ever changing. After the recession, go-fast boats became less popular, motor preference shifted from inboard to outboard, and pontoons and wake-boats took off.

Here at Sirocco Marine, we think this changing landscape favors large inflatables.

Q. How should crew care for the yacht’s RIBs?

Make sure the boat has the correct PSI in the tubes. After every use, wash them, flush the engine and cover them.

Every Triton reader is welcome to join us from 6-8 p.m. on March 6 for Triton Networking with Sirocco Marine, 3277 S.E. 14th Ave in Fort Lauderdale (33316). It’s a little tricky to find under the eastern end of I-595 near the port, but it shares a parking lot with LauderAle, the independent brewery. For more on Sirocco, visit


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