Yacht captains and crew keep the industry afloat

Apr 23, 2019 by Dorie Cox

Editor’s Notebook: by Dorie Cox

At first glance, most of what the world sees of yachting is an impressive large boat. But inside and on deck are the yacht crew who are integral in keeping these yachts afloat and safe.

Crew are the reason The Triton exists.

For 15 years, the focus of our publication has been serving yacht crew and providing the information you can use to do your best work. Whether you are a newcomer or veteran, one who navigates at the helm, makes repairs in the engine room, preps food for guests, washes down the deck, stocks provisions, runs tenders or cleans the heads – The Triton is dedicated to you. Because we know yacht crew are the heart of yachting.

• Each month The Triton features up to 20 unique columns from professionals who write about the industry from the inside. They are experts in compliance, management, relationships, equipment, science, health, nutrition, cooking, security and more. Our readers gain insight to life at sea – and on shore –  through the eyes of stews, engineers, deckhands, pursers, ETOs, chefs and captains.

The Triton also offers up-to-date news relevant to the yachting industry, including five sections of news briefs – just the important facts on news, business, marinas, technology, boats and brokers, as well as fuel prices around the world.

• Reader participation is key at The Triton. We encourage you to weigh in, join the discussion and engage in debates on the topics we explore through online comments and letters to the editor.

• Each month The Triton hosts networking events at different advertisers’ locations. These are free opportunities for captains, crew and industry professionals to meet colleagues and make new connections, as well as learn more about businesses in the industry.

• Our crew photo galleries are highly popular and can be found in print, online, and on The Triton social media sites  (Facebook and Twitter at tritonnews, and Instagram at thetritonnews). It’s fun to see your friends and colleagues – and even yourself – at boat shows and other events around the world.

• Stories by yacht crew top the list of our popular features, with topics such as “How I Got My Start,” and “Life After Yachting,” and we encourage your submissions.

• We also welcome you to submit your photos for Crew Eye (photos of life at work on board large yachts) and Triton Spotter (photos of crew displaying The Triton magazine or Triton hats, shirts or coffee mugs from the varied places around the world where yacht crew work and play).

• About 10,000 free copies of our print magazine are found at marinas, shipyards and businesses around the world each month. Each of the articles and photos found inside are also found on this website. In addition, online articles are updated with photos and internet links.

Thank you for being the focus. Keep in touch.

Dorie Cox is editor of The Triton. Comments are welcome below.


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