BVI’s Willy T can return to original anchorage

Jun 10, 2019 by Triton Staff

On July 1, the iconic Willy T floating restaurant and bar will be allowed to return to its original location anchored off The Bight near Norman Island, according to the government of the British Virgin Islands.

The original Willy T, a favorite with tourists and locals alike for more than 35 years, was destroyed by the hurricanes of 2017. The vessel now rests on the seabed, but continues to play its part in the tourism industry as part of the territory’s artificial reef system, allowing divers to enjoy the original Willy T from a new perspective, according to a press release from the Department of Information and Public Relations on Tortola.

The replacement Willy T vessel was delivered May 10, 2018, but before it could resume its location, was told to relocate. It moved to Great Harbour on Peter Island. The BVI government has since decided it can return to its original spot off The Bight.

The transition is dependent on the new Willy T meeting environmental, health and safety criteria, and the various government agencies responsible for health, trade and the environment have pledged to assist the owners of the Willy T in meeting those conditions, the government statement said.