IPM facilities tackle plastic

Jun 20, 2019 by Triton Staff

IPM Group has announced a “Plastic Free” campaign to reduce single-use plastics at the facilities of its member companies, including Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena, STP Shipyard Palma, Marina Ibiza, Varadero Ibiza and Varadero Valencia.

STP Shipyard Palma and Marina Port de Mallorca have eliminated single-use plastic water bottles, replacing them with stainless steel bottles for each of the workers, according to a press release from the group. Also, plastic water cups have been replaced at water dispensers with recyclable cardboard cups for customers.

Marina staff. Photo provided

Information panels have been placed at some of the marinas to educate customers about the problem of plastics in the sea, and clients are offered free recycling and separation bags so they can recycle on board and deposit the waste upon arrival in port at the marinas’ “green points.”

According to IPM Group, the Plastic Free campaign has been well received by customers and employees, and the group expects to soon reach 100% elimination of waste plastics at its properties.