Newport19: Deck crew fill fenders, arrange flowers, hop, fly drones

Jun 25, 2019 by Triton Staff

Captains, deck crew and engineers faced four challenges of competition during the Newport Charter Yacht Show last week. 

They were recognized in specific categories, but overall prizes were awarded with first going to JC Lopez of M/Y Fabulous Character, second place to Gabi Futter of M/Y Enterprise, and third place to Leon Kock of M/Y Time for Us.

Henry Logan of M/Y Time for Us was fastest to fly a drone to the target, an empty picture frame held above the head of his awaiting crew member.

JC Lopez of M/Y Fabulous Character hopped, ran, did push-ups and tied a bowline behind his back for the fastest time in the fitness challenge, and Scott Ellison of M/Y Time for Us covered, inflated and presented a large fender in the fastest time.

Crew unfamiliar with flower arranging faced a table of empty, awaiting vases and piles of mixed flowers. Captains, deckhands and engineers created bright and unique arrangements that were voted on by other crew. The arrangements were placed on tables in the tent as decoration during the rest of the show.

Photos by Dorie Cox; see these photos on Facebook here.