USCG revises radar renewal requirements

Jun 13, 2019 by Triton Staff

In a revision to its regulations for merchant mariner credentials, the U.S. Coast Guard has removed its requirements for refresher courses, in certain cases, when renewing a radar observer endorsement.

According to the final rule, which takes effect July 22, mariners who have served for at least one year in the previous five years in a position on board that routinely uses radar for navigation and collision avoidance purposes, and mariners who have taught a Coast Guard-approved or accepted radar course at least twice within the past five years will no longer be required to complete a Coast Guard-approved radar refresher or recertification course in order to renew their radar observer endorsements.

According to the amendment, the revisions are intended to “reduce an unnecessary financial burden.” A statement from the USCG notes that mariners seeking an original radar observer endorsement, as well as those whose experience does not meet the above criteria, will still be required to complete the required courses.

Read the full rule revision here.