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WhisperPower introduces new battery


WhisperPower, a Dutch manufacturer of hybrid power and propulsion systems for superyachts and commercial vessels, has added to its products line the Ion Power Basic, a lithium ion battery formulated with lithium, iron and phosphate cells (LiFePO4) that the company touts as a sustainable alternative to the conventional lead-acid battery.

WhisperPower credits the automotive industry and developments in electric driving for advances in the battery industry. The company asserts that the Ion Power Basic’s composition makes it safer than traditional lithium ion batteries that have a chemical composition of lithium-cobalt oxide and are known to be susceptible to overheating and spontaneous combustion.

According to the company, the battery’s higher cost is offset by its advantages over the lead-acid battery, including:

WhisperPower’s Ion Power Basic
  • up to 3 times longer lifespan;
  • 50% lighter and more compact;
  • minimal capacity loss in cold environments;
  • quicker charging; and
  • maintenance free, with no need for a trickle charger for periods when not in use.

In addition, the company says the Ion Power Basic has a constant, stable output voltage and its peak power remains high even if the battery is partially or almost completely discharged.

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