Junior Achievement’s Sea the World unveils for next generations

Jul 22, 2019 by To the Triton

With an eye to inspiring future generations, members of the marine industry businesses in South Florida have built “Sea the World,” a storefront that will be visited by more than 20,000 students each year.
Created in an effort to encourage skilled trades workers, 24 maritime businesses collaborated on the facility to spark interest in their specialized industry with hopes of replacing an aging workforce.

Housed in the Junior Achievement Finance Park at JA World Huizenga Center in Coconut Creek, Florida, the facility was unveiled May 1 after 16 months of volunteer work and fundraising of more than $130,000.

The money was used for the buildout and curriculum development for visiting eighth grade students from Broward and south Palm Beach county schools.

Nine walls in the facility represent engine room specialists, yachting professionals, shipyard trade workers, marina management, boat sales, boat building and other specializations.

Students will engage in a comprehensive classroom curriculum that educates on topics such as finances, careers, income, expenses, savings and credit and see how their education decisions affect their career options and have an impact on their potential income and quality of life.

The facility was built in “an effort to inspire students to join the $12 billion/year economic engine that provides the tri-county with 142,000 careers/jobs,” according to a press release.

For more visit JASouthFlorida.org. Click here for previous coverage in Publisher’s Point and a list of participating businesses.

Photos by Tom Serio.

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