M/Y Lazy Z crew runs its way across the Atlantic for Bahamas

Oct 14, 2019 by Dorie Cox

The crew of M/Y Lazy Z are on a mission to raise money for disaster relief in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. Since they cannot get to the area to help, they came up with a creative plan: they are collecting online donations for a 1,000km onboard run while underway.

All nine of the crew are taking shifts on the yacht’s treadmill to meet the goal during the estimated 16-day Atlantic crossing. That divides out to 7.5km for each crew member each day.

“Some crew members have gone as far as 16km a day,” according to 3rd Stew Nicole Rouse.

The onboard runners of M/Y Lazy Z take a break from their plan to raise disaster relief funds. Pictured from top left are, 2nd Engr. Mack Mckaig, Capt. Michael James, 1st Officer Simon McNeish; center from left, Bosun Henry Louis Fouire Schreuder, 2nd Stew Ashley Kimball, Chief Engr. Ben Hanlon, Deckhand Nick Wanliss, and 3rd Stew Nicole Rouse; and Chef Nate Post in front. Photo provided

The Bahamas are a favorite destination for the yacht owners and crew, and they chose to donate to a non-profit organisation called Global DIRT to help rebuild the Abacos and Grand Bahama.

The crew have created a Facebook page to share updates at Lazy Z’s Atlantic Crossing Bahamas Relief Run and posted this:

“DIRT stands for Disaster Immediate Response Team. We wanted to support a small company trying to make a difference. Not only do they help with initial damage but helps with recovery every step of the way. Global DIRT has helped with the immediate response all the way to the recovery for families in many disasters. We have looked into what they have already done and what they plan to do next and it’s truly inspirational.”

To donate, visit the group’s GoFundMe page named Atlantic Crossing Bahamas Relief Run.


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