Raymarine adds docking assistance technology

Nov 27, 2019 by Triton Staff

FLIR Systems has announced an addition to Raymarine’s intelligent docking technology: the Raymarine DockSense Alert. 

“Docking a boat can be a stressful experience, even for the most experienced captains,” stated Travis Merrill, president of FLIR’s Commercial Business Unit. “Our DockSense Alert system, with its intelligent alerts and live camera views, helps reduces the stress of docking and improves a captain’s boat handling skills.” 

Similar to the driver-assist capabilities of today’s modern automobiles, DockSense Alert detects, displays, and alerts the captain to obstacles around the boat using FLIR machine vision camera technology and video analytics. Live video feeds from each DockSense camera make it possible to see into blind spots using a Raymarine Axiom display, and DockSense intelligent object recognition helps prevent scrapes, crashes, and close calls, according to a company press release. 


The system – which also provides audible and visual alarms to alert the captain in real time to the effects of wind, current and propeller thrust – can be installed on any boat.

According to the company, DockSense Alert systems will be available to Raymarine boat building partners in the fourth quarter of 2019. DockSense Alert systems require a Raymarine Axiom display to operate and are available in one-, three- and five-camera packages. 

For more information, visit raymarine.com/docksense.