Trafalgar Shipyard allows in outside contractors

Nov 7, 2019 by Triton Staff

As part of a corporate rebranding, Trafalgar Shipyard – of The Trafalgar Group, formerly known as Trafalgar Wharf Group, in the U.K. – has a new business model that allows owners to bring in their own repair and refit teams rather than being tied into the shipyard operator.  

“Owners want to get the best price and quality from subcontractors. The best way to do that is competitive tendering,” stated Jonny Boys, managing director at The Trafalgar Group. “There are not many shipyards where you can bring in your own independent teams.”

The shipyard offers a secure, 24-hour working facility with onsite workshops, mess rooms and office space for rent. It can handle vessels up to 197 feet (60m) with beams up to 46 feet (14m) and draft up to 14.7 feet (4.5m). 

“Once a yacht is in dock, you can’t just move it if things aren’t going well,” Boys said. “But when you hire the shipyard only, it’s easy to make changes if a contractor isn’t performing.”

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