Derecktor Ft. Pierce orders 1,500-ton mobile boat hoist

Dec 30, 2019 by Triton Staff

Derecktor Ft. Pierce reports that it has ordered the world’s largest mobile boat hoist from Cimolai Technology. 

The 1,500-ton mobile boat hoist is expected to arrive from Italy by fall 2020 and to be put into service shortly afterward, according to a press release from the yard. 

In addition to the new hoist, planned drydocks – the first of which could possibly go into operation before the hoist – will enable the yard to accommodate vessels up to 5,000 tons. These facilities — along with direct deep-water access from the Atlantic Ocean through Fort Pierce Inlet, no overhead obstructions and a maintained depth of 28 feet (8m) through the channel and turning basin — will enable the yard to service all but a handful of the world’s largest yachts. 

The yard also features a concrete apron of more than 8 acres for work and storage as well as more than 1,000 linear feet of deep-water dockage, according to South Florida-based Derecktor.

“The 1,500 MBH is an impressive machine in terms of size and capability,” Justin Beard, marketing manager at Derecktor Ft. Pierce, stated. “At 85 feet in height, it will be nearly as tall as the South Causeway and will give us the ability to haul vessels up to 250 feet in length, depending on displacement. 

“This is a major step forward for Derecktor and for the project,” Beard said. “Knowing the MBH will be here gives everyone – employees, customers and the residents of St. Lucie County – something definite to look forward to. It’s big news in every sense of the word.”

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