Yacht Carbon Offset has new managing director

Dec 4, 2019 by Triton Staff

London-based Yacht Carbon Offset has hired Rachel Goult as managing director to work alongside company founder Mark Robinson.

Goult, who holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Cambridge University, worked internationally for British Gas Exploration & Production. She later had a 20-year career as a finance analyst at credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings, where she focused on European infrastructure and renewable energy projects.

“The growth of the business, as more and more yachts choose to counteract their greenhouse gas impact, has meant that, for some time now, there has been a need to strengthen our team,” Robinson said. “As a company, we greatly appreciate our clients’ choice to participate in this discretionary service and we know that we have work to do to build awareness and extend this participation further. I am delighted therefore to introduce Rachel, who brings to the table management and organizational skills as well as industry expertise in carbon offset projects, so essential to this specialized environmental service.”

Yacht Carbon Offset calculates a yacht’s greenhouse gas emissions based on the fuel quantity specified, and the service can be extended to include the impact from other activities, such as aircraft operations or shore power. These emissions, called the carbon footprint, are then counteracted by equivalent reductions in emissions achieved by independently verified green energy projects in a fully documented procedure backed up by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification.

For more information, visit yachtcarbonoffset.com.