Anchor VR joins Superyacht Training Group

Feb 5, 2020 by Triton Staff

Anchor VR, a 3D and virtual reality company that helps superyacht clients to visualize and develop their yachts, now includes crew training in its 3D, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) services. The company recently joined the Superyacht Training Group, an international syndicate that brings together global providers of onboard crew training and consultancy services.

According to Anchor VR, its services enhance traditional forms of training with extended reality approaches that have proven effective in fields such as aviation and medicine. Whether it’s teaching best practices to crew or conditioning them with worst-case scenarios, extended reality technologies can simulate standard operating procedures (SOPs) including fire security, first-aid training, helicopter and tender operation, and organizing a perfect galley.

“Virtual Reality is a great training method,” Anastasia Yushkova, CEO and founder of Anchor VR, stated in a company press release. “It boosts engagement, stimulates people’s focus and interest. And it improves knowledge retention by breaking through learning modals to help trainees not just visualize but actualize their experience.”

According to the company, its training options can be used at all points along the yacht development timeline. For instance: 

  • For superyachts close to delivery, Anchor VR’s technologies help make crew aware of the nuances of onboard systems. VR and AR provide detailed visuals of machinery. Benefits include reduced risk of crew injuries and damage to equipment. 
  • Anchor-VR may also step into a project earlier to assist in the design. Stakeholders, designers, managers and engineers can proof the project at 1:1 scale in VR, and discuss it remotely within a virtual prototyping system.
  • When the boat has been in operation for a few months, Anchor VR can help with 360-degree photo and video content to document best practices to aid in new crew orientation.

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