Website reports status of Abaco businesses, services

Feb 16, 2020 by Triton Staff has been launched to help connect Abaco residents, visitors and customers with open and operating businesses and service providers in the northern Abaco Islands. The new website is expected to remain online throughout the islands’ recovery period from the devastation of Hurricane Dorian in September. 

The website includes a search tool for finding the open or closed status of businesses, updated contact information and current hours of operation. Site visitors can search by cay or by business type, or they can type in the name of a specific business to check its status.

While the first launch of contains mostly businesses with a physical location, the next round of updates will also include names and contact information for local residents who have lodging, boats, cars, or other resources available for rent or hire, according to the site’s managers. was developed by The Waite Company, a Florida-based public relations company, in response to the communications challenges about available resources in the affected areas.