Fire department responds to yacht at Lauderdale Marine Center

Mar 23, 2020 by Dorie Cox

By Dorie Cox

A report of smoke coming from a 140-foot motoryacht brought Fort Lauderdale Fire and Rescue officers to Lauderdale Marine Center on the morning of March 23.

Patrick Kelly was on scene as LMC’s health, safety and environmental compliance manager.

“There was no smoke per se, only the fixed fire suppression system that was activated,” he said. “The fire inspector found no hot spots. There were no injuries, no major damage, and no heat detected from the thermal scans.”

The engine room door was closed, all ventilation was shut down and the fire suppression system was triggered manually, Kelly said.

The marina did not disclose the name of the yacht, which was on the hard in the yard, but social media posts name M/Y Namaste.

“There was no damage that we know of, except there will be clean up of the fire suppression system,” Kelly said. “The Fort Lauderdale fire department did not discharge anything.”

“Thankfully, there were no reported injuries and no significant damage to this or any other vessels in the yard,” according to a statement issued by the yard.

The cause of the incident is under investigation. 

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