A simple langoustine ceviche

Apr 13, 2020 by Guest Writer

By Chef Anthony Bantoft

In addition to our regular monthly columnists, we occasionally receive recipes from yacht chefs, especially when something inspires them. This recipe is from Chef Anthony Bantoft, an Australian who has been in the yachting industry for over 10 years, currently on rotation aboard a 60m charter yacht. 

“I am a passionate chef and love the industry as there is never a dull moment, never a location that disappoints. Every refrigerator and pantry can only be described as one fit for a king.

“At 41 years of age, 14 years of them at sea, three passports later and 88 countries covered, this career of mine is in no way close to reality. It’s fast-paced, exuberant, exotic and rewarding.

Chef Anthony Bantoft

“My mother’s side was country, my father’s city. My grandmother was always in charge of cooking, which is where I spent most weekends when I wasn’t playing rugby and where my love for cooking began. I had wished to be a veterinarian; funny now how I prepare meat for the table instead.

“I chose this recipe as it’s light, vibrant, simple and adaptable. It’s all about being able to improvise and think outside the box. This recipe is one of those. It’s something simple but I think you will enjoy it.”

Cucumber & Langoustine Ceviche

  • 2 medium size seedless cucumbers
  • 6 fresh langoustine
  • 3 limes
  • 1 small eschalot
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 small green papaya, peeled
  • 1 ripe tomato
  • 1 pinch dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon good quality lemon oil
  • Black Hawaiian sea salt and cracked pink pepper to taste


1. Remove the tail meat from the langoustine, preferably keeping it whole. Remove any vein. Set aside in an ice and saltwater bath.

2. Juice limes and place in the freezer, also chilling the serving plate at the same time.

3. Juice one cucumber and tomato using a juicer. If you don’t have a juicer onboard, finely grate the cucumber and tomato and pass through a fine sieve, squeezing out the juice. Chill the juice.

4. Grate green apple and papaya using a Japanese mandolin. Set aside. A regular grater can also be used. Also, thinly slice the other cucumber and season. If you like a hint of the limes, zest can work well, also.

5. Thinly slice peeled eschalot and add to the apple and papaya.

6. Remove langoustine from the ice bath and pat dry. You can leave these whole or cut them into medallions depending on preference. Place them into the lime juice.

7. Season the cucumber-tomato juice and apple-papaya slaw to taste with oregano, lemon oil, salt and pepper.

8. Combine all ingredients. 

9. Remove your serving piece from the freezer. Gently pour some cucumber-tomato juice in the bottom of the dish, followed by ceviche. Top with micro cilantro to garnish and optional caviar to finish. Complete the dish with fanned, sliced cucumber.

Comments on this recipe are welcome below.