Special e3 services offered during pandemic

Apr 5, 2020 by Triton Staff


E3 has offered more new and discounted services during the pandemic, including VSAT service for the U.S. and Caribbean at 4G prices, free file sharing, and free data.

The new VSAT service provides VSAT to a vessel from $499 a month for 1Mbps/512 MIR. The company created e3.UPLOAD, a free file sharing service that allows users to upload documents up to 20GB to e3 servers, then provide a link to crew members ashore so they may continue working. And for a limited time, Spanish phones can access an additional 50GB for free. And Italian smartphone plans have no data limit until April 13 for all of Europe.

ORIGINAL POST: March 27, 6:08 am

Yacht communications and connectivity provider e3 Systems has announced a few deals to help crew in isolation on board from going stir crazy during the coronavirus pandemic. To enhance the ability to stay connected, the company is offering a free IPTV box with three months subscription to UK Freeview entertainment and international news channels. 

The system works best with either fixed land connectivity or e3’s 3G and 4G services. Bandwidth usage can be controlled by selecting the appropriate channel. Catchup, for out-of-time-zone synchronization, is included and a UK VPN is not required, according to a company press release. The box can be shipped and, according to e3, is simple to install – with help available via phone if required.

For crew who are in Spain who have used up their data, e3 has negotiated a free 50GB top up for its Spanish smartphone service over the next two months. In France and Italy, the company now has smartphone lines with no data limits from both SFR and Vodafone Italy.

For yachts in lockdown, e3 recommends changing from a roaming free service to a national SIM card for the applicable country as a less expensive option. With e3’s Big Data services, crew only pay for what they use and there is no commitment required. Its Big Data national SIM for service in Spain has an 800 GB allowance, and for France, it is unlimited. A number of new countries have been added to the Big Data service for those in other destinations, according to e3, and yachts needing more data while in lockdown, customized X-Big Data service is available.

The company is now also providing free remote service to those in port lockdown who wish to get a jump on their service schedule. With some assistance from the onboard engineer, e3 can perform health checks and provide any required software upgrades or spare parts for the following systems:

  • TVRO antenna systems
  • VSAT antenna systems
  • 4G communications 
  • Gyro systems

According to the company, parts can be shipped directly to the yacht with complete instructions, and assistance is available via phone or a video link.

Free remote IT service is also available at this time. According to e3, with a remote connection  via VSAT or 4G over the vessel network or using a local laptop, the company can perform remote diagnosis and health checks for their clients. They can help with the following maintenance activities:

  •  Changing wireless network passwords for security purposes, so former crew and guests no longer have this information automatically saved in their devices.
  • Ensure that former users’ accounts are disabled on servers and email systems.
  • Ensure that all IT documentation and networking diagrams are up to date.

For more information, visit e3s.com.