Yacht chef shares skills, humor in daily videos

Apr 30, 2020 by Lucy Chabot Reed

By Lucy Chabot Reed

Chef Brennan Dates has created Quarantine Kitchen, short videos of anything food related he feels like discussing — except recipes — while riding out a 50-plus-day charter in which neither the yacht’s crew nor guests will touch land.

While yacht chefs likely already know much of what Dates emparts, plenty of crew and normal people who want to learn from a chef can find humorous and useful advice. 

“I realized that I had an opportunity to help friends and family cook that might not have any idea how to,” he said. “What I had no idea of was how fun it would be to connect with everyone in a lockdown.”

The videos are short, somewhat sassy, and often call on Dates’ sidekick, Patrick, the yacht’s second chef. A recent video discussed how to use a steel to hone knife edges.

“This is a steel,” Dates says, holding the steel up to the camera. “This is not a sharpener. I know you want it to be a sharpener, but it’s not. It doesn’t sharpen your knife, it hones your knife.”

He explains how knives get dull and how the steel helps keep the edges straight and the blade sharp longer, then offers this advice at the end: “Feel your knife edges, confidently, seductively and without fear. Remember, you’re in charge. That knife will submissively do whatever you ask it to. The knife doesn’t cut you; you cut yourself.”

Chef Brennan Dates

There are several videos marking the progress of his homemade sourdough starter, his take on why no one should use iodized salt, and the benefits of cooking bacon in the oven. 

Quarantine Kitchen, Stuck on a Superyacht, includes more than 30 videos, and Dates said they will end when the charter ends.

Catch up and follow him on Facebook and Instagram at Olive Oil and Gasoline.

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