What was your last job before working on yachts?

Jun 9, 2020 by Triton Staff

More than 60 people piped in on Facebook and Instagram for our most recent question in our new Friday Funcard feature, which is designed to spark a conversation and give yacht crew an insight into their fellow yachties — both those still working onboard and those ashore.

We didn’t really need it, but here’s more proof that yachties come from all walks of life, while some just have saltwater in their veins.

What was your last job before working on yachts?

Brad Helton: I was a South Carolina state probation/parole officer and instructor for the State Police Academy for 10 years. Got into yachting when I was 30. I wish I had gotten into yachting at 20.

David Peden: Cashier/accountant

Jeff Guymon: Nothing! Started yachting right after college and still trying to figure out what I’m going to do for a living when I grow up!

Bobby Stotler: Dishwasher at Chuck’s Steakhouse.

Glen McCloskey: Fishing equipment salesman (but washed boats on the weekend). That was in high school.

Veronica Hast: Florist. But I did my first charter on a Morgan 40 in 1980 in the Virgin Islands. (Yes, I was 15.) So I guess my first job was on a charter boat.

Brittany Adkison: I was the director of Student Services & Operations for a school district. On my first vacation in three years, I took the STCW and met with an agent. Wish I had done so 10 years ago.

Scott Miller: Commercial fishing and concrete finisher foreman

Jim Porter: I managed a security alarm company. Got into yachting by mistake.

Jordan Walker: TowboatUS Ft. Lauderdale for 6 years doing yacht tows and salvage diving.

Bruce Taylor: Inventory controller for a steel company. Left for the Caribbean at age 42!

Guy Clifford: Stage carpenter for the Paul Raymond Organization.

Robert Bova: Pilot boat captain and ship agent

Alex Farr: Snowboarding instructor

Joseph Thompson: Scuba dive instructor

Miguel Oliveira: Working in power plants

Rocky Whetstone: Machine operator at a Ford parts plant

Jean Claude Rambert: General manager of American company in France

Steve Forest: Owner of a surf shop

Wendy Vilhena: Mucking out horse stalls

Nessa Stuart: Chalet girl in the French Alps

Mary-Mimi Taylor: Cop

Martyn Walker: Firefighter

Brian Koch: Active duty USCG

Pete Hill: Aircraft engineer

Jerold MacKinnon: HVAC mechanic

Constantin Costa Benedic: Cruise ships

Stephen Thomas: Officer, British Army

Ziomara Rivera-Valentin: FAA

Marc Mccorkle: Megayacht Captain! Pure all-round boat boy.

Hugh David Black: Dragger/crabber in Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Bob Kimball: Tool and die maker. You break it, I fix it.

David Gunn: Dive boat captain / dive Instructor in various islands throughout the Caribbean.

Alec Trician: 1982… recording studio technician in Deutschland.

Katie Ho: Menswear buyer/planner for retailer Saks Fifth Avenue

Chantal Yacht-masso: Personal assistant and massage therapist for professional poker players.

Rosette Jolis: Chef. Had my own catering business and also worked as a chef for Martha Stewart catering

Ravara: Director of events at a luxury event planning firm in Baltimore

KostaonDeck: Apprentice fire sprinkler installer technician

SailorJase: Chief engineer, Royal Navy

Seafox43: Dive instructor in the BVIs

Marinaguy: Dockhand at a marina. Industry prior was orchid and exotics service

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