BWA partners to offer services in Scandinavia

Aug 30, 2020 by Triton Staff

Yachting agency BWA Yachting has expanded its operations into Northern Europe by partnering with a company that has offices in Norway and Denmark.

Shipping and logistics company SDK Group will enable BWA to perform its myriad agency services such as berth reservations, clearance, visas, bunkering, itineraries, transportation and more. 

“Entering the yacht agency market has been part of our strategy for a while, and it’s a natural continuation of the services we already provide today,” said Steffen Dalgaard, SDK Shipping chief operating officer. “This partnership with BWA Yachting enables us to make a unique footprint, bringing our comprehensive experience and in-depth knowledge to the yacht market — for a region we know better than anyone. We believe the way we are able to complement each other will generate a very strong partnership and enable us to provide an exemplary service in all aspects. Together, we will bring the yacht market in Northern Europe to a new level.”

Louise Landler will spearhead the operations in Scandinavia as regional manager for BWA Yachting.

“We believe our region has something very unique to offer with its natural beauty, diverse activities and incredible food experience,” she said. “We look forward to creating unforgettable memories together with the captains, crews and guests. Having offices in all Scandinavian countries, together with a strong local network, we are able to provide a holistic approach that gives favorable benefits and new opportunities.”

BWA Yachting Scandinavia now has offices in Denmark and Norway and can be reached at +45 33-44-17-60.