Diesel company rebrands, offers membership maintenance program

Aug 20, 2020 by Triton Staff

South Florida-based TDW — formally known as The Diesel Workshop — has developed a proprietary software and new membership program to offer preventative maintenance for yachts in the 80-foot to 120-foot range with MTU engines.

“We use the analogy of ‘concierge medicine’ for megayachts because we are giving our members more time, attention and preventive oversight than they have ever received before,” said John Burke, head of marketing and sales. 

First launched in 2017, the company has seen a several-week wait time for MTU diesel engine repair in South Florida. 

“Then, once someone comes on board, it may take weeks to do the repairs,” he said. “Typically, megayachts will never see the same technician on board twice, all too often without the notes, history and concerns from previous inspections.”

TDW’s proactive member-based approach — with the taglline Let’s Get Kraken — has been popular with customers, Burke said. 

“They are frustrated with paying so much for repairs,” he said. “If they had us watching over them, their costs would have been a fraction.”

TDW members first receive a multi-day inspection with a full analysis of the current condition

of the engine. After all actions to bring the vessel up to baseline are completed, the boat receives its TDW certification and the company’s Mayday Guarantee goes into effect.

“Then, we are either on board or digitally reviewing each and every system with our monthly slip systems checklist with the objective of staying two steps ahead of any issue,” according to a news release announcing the program. “We review the engines, gearboxes, generators, batteries, switchgear, bilge pumps and all the plumbing. Our software includes photos, detailed notes and recommendations coded by urgency.”

The program keeps a log of service, which members have digital access to, and uses the same technician to manage the boat’s maintenance. Yard time and repairs scheduling is planned to limit downtime and marina fees. The log and TDW membership travels with the boat, so the new owners have access to all the records when it sells.