Pinmar partners with scaffolding company

Oct 9, 2020 by Triton Staff

Spain-based GYG, parent company of Pinmar, has signed an agreement with German scaffolding company ALTRAD to distribute its equipment in the United States.

The ALTRAD system uses a modular construction technique that allows for the entire scaffold structure to be hung from the yacht itself, removing the dependency on floating raft bases when conducting an in-water refit, which in turn allows for much larger yachts to be repainted in the water.

GYG’s initial distribution will be in the Southeast U.S. where GYG currently operates in many of the area’s refit shipyards. 

“GYG is delighted to be bringing a single brand scaffold system that has recognized European standards and better performance to shipyards in the U.S.,” said Remy Millott, CEO of GYG plc. “It gives us great confidence when performing a turnkey Pinmar refit knowing the underlying containment system is of the highest quality and security.”

The ALTRAD system hangs from the yacht, not resting on floating rafts. Photo provided

The agreement complements the new partnership between GYG’s scaffolding brand Technocraft and Fort Lauderdale-based Southern Cross Boat Works, which Pinmar has worked with for years in some of the largest shipyards in the U.S. such as Rybovich, Derecktor and Savannah Yacht Center.