Triton Survey: Yachts sticking closer to South Florida this winter

Dec 1, 2020 by Lucy Chabot Reed

In this winter like few others, more yachts are planning to remain in Florida and the Bahamas than head to the Caribbean, according to a recent Triton survey.

What are your plans for this winter? Seventy-five captains shared their upcoming winter plans, and the largest group — just over a third — will be based in Florida for charters and/or owner trips.

“We are still active, just staying in the South Florida area, venturing down to Ocean Reef and the southern Keys,” said the captain of a private yacht of 100-120 feet, who added that this yacht normally cruises the Bahamas in winter.

About 17.5% of respondents said the yacht is out of service for the winter. 

But nearly as many (15.9%) will be based in the Caribbean, and another 15.9% will be based in the Bahamas.

“Likely moving to the Virgin Islands in February,” said the captain of a yacht 120-140 feet that charters and has private use. It will spend the first part of the winter in the Bahamas. Normally, this vessel spends all winter in the Caribbean.

Just 3.2% said the yacht would be in a shipyard for the winter.

We were curious if these plans were similar to last year, and nearly two-thirds said they were.

But that seems to conflict with the results of the next question: How much has COVID influenced your winter plans? Nearly two-thirds of our respondents said COVID impacted their plans either completely (14.7%) or significantly (48%).

And finally, we asked: If you could decide, what would you have the owner do with the yacht this winter (taking COVID into consideration)?

The largest number of respondents (18.7%) said they wouldn’t change their plans. The next largest group (14.7%) would have the owner take the yacht to the Bahamas. And then an equal number (12%) would encourage the boss to either use the yacht more or not use it at all.

Lucy Chabot Reed is editor and publisher of The Triton. Comments on this survey are welcome below.


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