ABM gives Bahamas update

Jan 19, 2021 by Lucy Chabot Reed

Joe Dargavage, vice president of the Association of Bahamas Marinas, gave attendees of last week’s Triton Virtual Networking event an update on travel and chartering last week.

“More yachts were in the Bahamas [in the last two weeks of December] than probably two, three years — and more yachts over 200 feet in the Exumas,” he said. 

Entry requirements remain the same, as of the event on Jan. 13, with a negative test on arrival and a follow-up test five days later. He made note of the recent US decision to require negative COVID tests for incoming air travelers and said the country is hoping the US will accept the Bahamas test that many charter guests likely will have taken before departing the islands. (Travelers arriving into the US by yacht are not under this protocol.)

As of the event, yachts that carry their own testing ability cannot submit those tests to the Bahamian government to meet Bahamas requirements, he said, but the ABM is working to make that available.

Dargavage reiterated the Bahamas’ wish to welcome yachts to the islands, recognizing that yachting is the only sector of its tourism industry still functioning.

He also explained the rationale behind hosting this year’s Bahama Charter Yacht Show in late February in Florida. 

Catch up on all that news in our 11-minute video here.


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