Sophisticated new simulator elevates crew training in Southern California

Oct 10, 2021 by Zuzana Prochazka

A sophisticated new simulator elevates crew training in Southern California

There’s a new resource available for crew training at the Orange Coast College Professional Mariner Program in Newport Beach, California. The program just acquired and launched the Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 (NTPRO 5000) that enables training for certification of watch officers, chief officers, captains, and pilots. It’s bound to be a boost for West Coast superyacht crew who need training and refresher coursework.

The navigation simulator, built by Helsinki-based Wartsilla, is the most up-to-date simulator in Southern California. State-of-the-art computer graphics provide highly realistic marine environment models, scenario objects, and special effects for correct situational awareness training and communication exercises. The system provides realistic, cost-effective procedural and operation simulation and instruction for individuals and groups.

It’s available for equipment familiarization, refresher training, communications optimization, and competence assessment. Resource and bridge management training reduces errors and helps teach crew to respond correctly to a ship’s changing situation. The training is in compliance with a variety of national and international standards and expands on basic STCW simulations.

The NTPRO 5000 can be used for navigation watch organization, and maneuvering and control of a variety of vessels, including those equipped with two full-rotary electric vinto-steering columns. Specialized coursework is available upon request. The size and type of boat can be specified, and conditions such as a snowstorm or giant seas can be simulated with very realistic results — down to the seasickness, if you’re extra focused.

Launched in 2009, OCC’s Professional Mariner program has trained more than 300 students. The NTPRO5000 represents a significant investment and brings a heightened level of sophistication to the overall program. For commercial mariners, both the bridge simulator and the navigation lab are available for customized training, so West Coast-based crews can save time and money by keeping their crew local rather than sending valuable resources back East.


For commercial mariners, contact:

Sarah Hirsch, Director, Waterfront Campus
949 258-8918 

For college programs, contact:

Karen Prioleau 
Program Coordinator/Faculty